Friday, September 5, 2008


Lil' Rev is a great storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher from Wisconsin. He is very talented but what I like most is his interest in storytelling and using music as a way to tell about American history and American traditions. He has also created a few beginning ukulele player books. I have the Hal Leonard BOOK 1 and have been inquiring about the availability of BOOK 2 for some months. He just sent me a flyer and he's got BOOK 2 out and also another book called EASY SONGS FOR UKULELE. I have asked Rev to put a Klezmer song in his next book and he's planning on it. Lil' Rev Website

A showman on the Uke... (look for more great Lil' Rev videos on YouTube)

Lil' Rev. with the Hefferan's on the Harmonica:

Here's the links to Lil' Rev's new books at Elderly Instruments. (Added 9-17-08)


  1. Hi Jeff,
    Not only is Lil' Rev one of the all-time greatest at entertaining AND teaching, but
    Being naturally nosy, and a would-be yenta besides (would help if I were Jewish!), I picked up on something he said to our seminar group at the Portland Ukulele Festival in June, and asked him when the big date would be. He said he and his fiancee would be married September 7, 2008.
    So how about joining me in playing a virtual "Here Comes The Groom" to one of ukedom's greatest guys, and sending a wish for a lifetime of happiness (plus a big Mazeltov!) to the just-hitched Mr. & Mrs. Marc Revenson of Milwaukee !!!!!

    - The Elderuker (Borinda, CA)

  2. Thanks Elderuker. Congratulations to Lil' Rev. and the Lil' Woman of his dreams. I guess LR will be enjoying those long cold winters of Wisconsin a bit more now!