Sunday, September 7, 2008


A great and growing site, maybe the best site, for ukulele instruction videos is Ukulele Underground. I first came across Aldrine’s videos on YouTube with his ukulele version of The Cure’s Lovesong. It is a love affair of a man with his ukulele. My friend, Connie T., says that she often feels this way about her ukulele…

Love Song

I am a big fan of Aldrine Guerrero and Manny the Rooster!

Aldrine came with the Ukulele Underground cast and performed at Mike DaSilva’s. They gave a great performance and opened up for questions at the end. Aldrine sometimes sings with a Cher voice and he did a Cher song for us that evening. Stupid questions abounded and I followed Mike DaSilva’s, “Do you do EVERYTHING with a hat on?”

I actually had a better, more musical, question later but I guess the answer was too long for the video edit. I had asked him how he developed his abilities for timing in a song when there is a mixture of 1/16, 1/8, ¼, ½ notes. Aldrine recommended using a metronome and working with it strumming at each beat, then 2 strums for each metronome beat, then 4, etc. Then after a while: beat, 2 strums / beat, 4 strums / beat, 1strum, / beat, 2 strums / beat, 4 strums / and after a period of time you stat to develop the feel for the length of the notes.

Here’s the Uke Got Mail video:


Here’s a little diversion, another sweet lovesong, called Luff Song, by Lucy Lou with ukulele.

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