Colin R. Tribe
I have decided to make this tutorial page to include the best ukulele instructors to be found on YouTube. The first person I thought about for an extremely high quality of music and attention to detail is Colin R. Tribe. He has entertained and enticed me with his YT videos of him playing a soprano ukulele with colored fret markers. Colin freely sends arrangements of the songs to all that request it via e-mail but beyond that he offers, for sale, his musical joy and wisdom via instructional video and study notes to enable a dedicated player to play high quality music. He calls his style UNIQUELELE. Colin has created several instrument programs and shares a deep appreciation and bit of historical information in all of his work. To contact Colin for arrangements… (click here)

To see Colin’s long list of arrangements…

Below you will find Colin playing the Beatles In My Life followed by a freshly released tutorial video generously shared to show you the depth of instruction you will receive if you purchase any of his videos…

Here's a partial of Colin's study notes that normally run two or three pages long...
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Glen Rose Jazzy Ukulele Tutorials