Friday, September 5, 2008


I have been taking ukulele lessons from Hiram Bell in South San Francisco. He is a multi instrumentalist and very precise yet patient instructor. Music takes times, practice and perseverance. I have recently been requested to make use of the Baritone ukulele and Hiram encouraged me to work on it but warned me that it is difficult to find tab for the Baritone. So this blog item is dedicated to finding the aforementioned tablature. The Baritone is standard DGBE tuning but some titles are high-D and some are low-D.


Tab-U-Learn (for Baritone Ukulele) Site, followed by some of their pdf songs. <--This was DELETED

Lyle Ritz "Lulu's Back In Town" Dominator's Ukulele Tab

Live Ukulele (These guys gather songs a post them from other sites. Here are a few Baritone specific songs.)


I would appreciate knowing about other tablature for the baritone and will add links here as I become more aware of them.

Also a little more about Hiram Bell and his range of musical ability. Besides being a multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Baritone, Harmonica and about 5 others) he is an artist. He does photo-realism art and also does highly skilled artwork on ukuleles. I saw Hiram perform at Mike DaSilva's ukulele building studio and stage just about a month ago. I really appreciate that he is open and enthusiastic to all genres of music from his native Hawai'ian to Classical, to Rock. You can find out more about Hiram at

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