Friday, August 27, 2010

Who are the Polyjesters?

The Polyjesters are a Canadian band formed by brothers Jason and Sheldon Valleau from Alberta, Canada. They have energy, wit, and a playfulness exuding from each song. Jason plays the upright bass, and Sheldon plays the Baritone ukulele and the band has some variations which include various combinations with fiddle, percussion and guitar played by other talented Canadians. Their music is classified as Folk but they play a wide variety of Roots, Pop, Swing & Folk music and put their unique flavor to it. I wanted to post them here because they are part of the ever growing trend to incorporate ukuleles into bands and I think they were definitely on the leading edge.

They write, play, produce, distribute their own CD's. You can hear some at this site...

Since there's a Baritone predominantly played in the band I have also posted a few of their videos from You Tube on a Humble Baritonics posting, here There are (3) albums with sample soundclips on CD baby for those interested in hearing more. The Orange Album Ka-Chunk Fiddlesticks

Sheldon also has a very beautiful baritone that looks to be custom made.

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