Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jeanne || Wise Old River

Jeanne is a regular reader and encourager of Humble Uker and a member of a family folk music group in Virginia called Wise Old River and has been playing the ukulele. In the videos below Jeanne sings with her son Jamen (Guitar) and husband Jim (Bouzouki). I haven't seen a video of Jeanne on the ukulele yet - but I hope she'll update me when there is one.

She has a blog called "My New Traveling Shoes" where she explores her own personal insights and straightforward spirituality. Her thoughts are deep and wise. These writings are perhaps the workings of future songs, there's plenty of grist for the mill here,

Jagged Edge

With My Own Two Hands

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  1. Jeff, thanks so much for posting this. It means a lot to me. I am just now seeing it today. You have made me smile. Thank you for the encouragement. Love your site...wish I had more time to visit it. I love the videos and there is a wealth of knowledge here concerning ukuleles...can't get enough of it:) I'll let you know when there is a video of me playing my uke. Blessings, jeanne