Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Berkeley Ukulele Club Visitors from German & Nevada Ukulele Clubs

Tonight we had two guests attend our regular ukulele club meeting as well as get up on stage and perform a little. Chuck Lawrence came from the Nevada Ukulele Club sporting a DaSilva replica 1800's ukulele and Stephanie is a member of the German Ukulele Club (Queequeg in the forums). It's becoming clear that one of the great advantages of ukulele playing is it's ease of travel. The picture above has two BUC pillars: Steven Strauss (left) and Michael DaSilva (right) and then Chuck (inner left) and Stephanie (inner right).

Chuck played and sang a blues song imagining a toddler's concept of the blues.
Stephanie sang and played a song with some new barred chords for us...
C#m = 6444, A = 6454, E = 4447, G = 5343 (repeat)
For the Berkeley Ukulele Club Schedule see Michael DaSilva's site


  1. Nice photo, HU! Definitely captured the magic of the moment. Good to see you and other club folks last night!

  2. I didn't recognize Steven, Jeff. And there's something fishy about Mike's uke.

  3. Hey there, it's queequeg from Germany. Just wanted to let you know that the song was "This Is The Life" by Amy MacDonald. If you are interested I can send you the song sheet and that way you can play it again at the club. But a little bit faster :-)
    I had a great time that evening. Maybe I'll come back in a few years!

  4. I know I speak for the whole Berkeley Ukulele Club in saying how glad we were that you did come and shared Amy McDonald's song with us.

    Germany has a great ukulele club and I hope more visitors come to the San Francisco bay area to check out one of the most beautiful and ukefriendly places on earth.

    Uketeufel, aka Raimond has been an e-buddy for a few years now since the "Neues von Jnoteast" that were posted on the German Ukulele Club Bulletin Board.