Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kendra || Midnight at the Oasis

Kendra puts such great energy into her songs. I love how she's totally in control of this song and the chord changes are perfect. Kendra is from the Austin, Texas area and she also writes about the ukulele scene on She contracts Pop-Uke down in to Puke, but I think that was part of a dare. Trust me she's got good stuff going on. I am pretty sure Kendra is playing Richard G's version...

I think this song is going to get more popular at the uke clubs after hearing Kendra's performance.


  1. What's the background (provenance?) of this song? From a show? or a single? Whichever, it's gorgeous for Kendra!

  2. Oops - I found some bum chords in the sheet for Midnight At The Oasis - all corrected now.

    The song was written by David Nichtern, who was a muso working with Maria M - her version is the original.