Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Steven Strauss || Old Puppy || SHAVING CREAM

Steven Strauss and his electric ukulele produce some of the most amazing music to me. He plays like an upright base player -- plucking the strings with the soft pad of his index finger. I first heard this song as part of Lil' Rev's 'almost naughty' songs selection. Pip Lagenta has recorded many videos -- Thanks Pip, HU


  1. I am surprised that I never get any comments about Master Steven Strauss and the Friends of Old Puppy -- They play magnificent music.

  2. All right, why not post their video of the Loco Motion? I refrained from commenting on it out of respect for the Master, but why wasn't Steven up and dancing?
    How can you hear the Loco Motion and not dance, Jeff?