Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UCB -- Too Many Strings?

I tend to like to keep things to a humbler softer tone. To keep things respectible and respectful. There are too many harsh and hurtful things in this world. There is a collective group of musicians that I really admire -- because they are creating new songs and playing them skillfully -- definitely beyond my skill level. This (mostly-male) group named their collective-blog Uke Crazy Bitches and I have been uncomfortable with the name because I thought they were using 'bitches' as a noun but as I read more I think they use it as a verb, 'complaints'. Well it's only a name, perhaps it was a double-entendre?
I have explored other instruments and have a 3-string cigar box guitar and 3-string balalaika tuned C-E-A. I have even borrowed a mountain dulcimer when my left elbow was being cranky. I really like the sound of the stick-dulcimers. Here's a good post too look at from UCB if you have similar interests.


  1. Well, you know me, Jeff. I'm just a soft and
    humble Pot. A more respectful and respectable
    container of basil you'll never find. If I can't
    say something nice I zip it and keep my keyboard
    silent from nasty clicks.

    But, UCB is something else entirely. Do you know
    they have a listing on-site of what they call "hate-free uke sites" and HU isn't on it? WTF? Is that omission or commission? Is HU not being on the list deliberate or are they not aware of you (I find that hard to believe)? You know who
    doesn't belong on that list? UCB, that's who.

  2. @ POB -- thanks for keeping things tempered down. Well, I am impressed with the talent on UCB and have had quickie e-conversations with a few. They are a creative and inspiring bunch.

  3. Thanks for the shout out HU - I really enjoy your blog.