Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My father, Stanley Glen West, and his late brother, Kenneth Paul West, shared the love of the organ. My uncle, the same one that told me to learn three songs really well, loved to play and a sing for others. As, a youngster I always wanted to hear him simulate the sounds of a train coming down the track with the whistle blowing away.
We would also go to the Bella Roma Pizza restaurant in Martinez, California and listen to the organist. I have fond memories of the old pizza parlours where the organist had control of all sorts of instruments arund the room. For a youngster seeing all of the instruments from giant flute-like instruments in a clear plastic enclosure to rubber rooster sounds. Scale model trains would run around the track and whistle along.

Below, I was delighted to find another, or was made aware of another similar musical experience. I hope that you will find this as much fun as I have, a little Hawaii 5-0.

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