Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids on Ukuleles || Korean Ukulele Emergence

Sokcho Gyodong Elementary Ukulele Group (South Korea) A medley - starts off with an old Arthur Godfrey classic, Too Fat Polka. The second video is Never on Sunday. Two American classics that are on the edge of political correctness. Since they're instrumentals I suppose there was no need to consider the meanings of the lyrics.


Romance by a young student...

I have been working on Tico-Tico. This is a high-energy duet...


  1. Interesting conjunction, you presenting a polka, and
    over at On the Record, Tony DuShane writing up and
    promoting the 2/13 show of the SF band Polkacide, a more hard-edged take on the genre than the video, of course, so maybe polka is on the upswing.

    He said that Polkacide isn't what your Russian grandpa danced to, and I said that well, I bet my Russian grandma could've
    out rocked them with one accordion bellows tied behind her tiny Bolshevik back, and that hell, she probably still could even though she hadn't tasted the air of Mother Russia in ages.

  2. Trying out a new posting moniker, Jeff, obviously
    a uke world version of gadfly [a person
    who annoys esp. by persistent criticism], plus
    I play a Flea and always will (new
    designs now, Fluke as well). What do you think? I like the way it looks...GF