Friday, February 12, 2010

DEACH -- Shovelling Snow in Hawaii?

I always like to take a listen to Mr. "Soul Sista Deach". He does have the soul and a sense of hurt in his songs. The blues strumming he does here really adds to the soul of the blues. Thanks to Deach for sharing and inspiring others with his creations. [As usual click the blog title if you want to go directly to Deach's YT channel.]

Here's Krabber's singing Superbly to Deach... I like the license plate. I have a small collection too: Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Canberra-Australia, but my favorite of all time is the Canadian Northern Territories because it is shaped like a polar bear.

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  1. I can use most anything for a segue into what I
    really want to say, or who needs a segue at all?
    Re snow: Ami Worthen of Mad Tea Party (Do you like them, Jeff?) is blogging their Rockin' The Rockies
    Tour 2010 on her Ukulele Rockstar site. Lots of
    snow (it took a while), fans might enjoy following along, good candid photos...Also good photos going up on Bosko & Honey's Oz Safari site.