Saturday, February 13, 2010

C-O-L-I-N---R---T-R-I-B-E Uniquelele Colin R. Tribe

It is time to let you all meet Colin who is a retired music teacher from the UK, yes England. If you've been reading for a while you'll know that Colin and his wife made a trip to various cities across America. He was coming to San Fancisco and wanted to get together with some ukulele players. It was an off week for the Berkeley Ukulele Club so I invited Colin over to my house with a few friends and he wowed us all with his Uniquelele talents and improvisational skills.
Colin's arrangements are quite beautiful and he ads a scholarly approach that show a deep appreciation for the music that he sinks his heart into. Serious players with like his finger picking and strumming approach. Colin's videos are known for great music and colorful dots on his ukulele.
He just sent me this video of a local interview in Newark, UK. Here you can finally see the face behind the dots. And get to know the neu-ukulele-man, Colin R. Tribe. I have a copy of his pdf book Uniquelele and it describes his techniques and builds playing skills.
Colin gives the arrangements he has performed on YouTube free for the asking. But he also sells tutorial videos for working through the arrangements -- he's a great teacher and shares the love for the ukulele. These videos are a great way to build your repetoire.
The following is cut and pasted from Colin's YouTube page...
Videos of arrangements and originalcompositions for fingerstyle Ukulele players, with free Music&Tab available through Now also available are internet lessons via Skype and DVD tutorials on how to play the arrangements with in depth analysis of what both hands do and some music theory as well! Colin Tribe has also compiled the Victoria College Music Ukulele and Self-Accompanied Singing exam. For further Information contact Colin or


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  2. Colin I have been listen to your music (No Where Man)I did enjoy this peice

    Keep playing