Thursday, February 11, 2010

U-K-E-D-E-L-I-C-S Pucker Up!

I decided to check out my GIGAPUS friend Kendra from Austin Texas (PUKE) and got on a sidetrack in Tennessee. The Nashville Ukulele Society Blog had this video of the Ukedelics -- which even my wife Wendy says is a good video. I think this one may find its way to the UkeToob master video site -- if it hasn't already! I like it so it's going here anyway. This is a really fun song, well arranged, beautifully performed and masterfully filmed.


  1. Kendra would like this, no doubt. I still say there's a photo-essay lurking in the whole hat/ukulele connection.

    Now, Ukedelics... Jeff, this is why I still believe
    your original group name, Tuesday Night Band, is superior to Uklectics, which might just as well be Ukedelics as far as most people are concerned. Confusing to da max...