Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scoopy Ron Hale finds, "Swede's Please"

This is a contemporary music site. Lots of interesting musical flavors that are fun to explore. Kontrar Musik reminds me a bit of the German electronica group Kraftwerk. For those modern progressives and lovers of indie music here's a new journey. HU

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  1. Just back from a Swedesplease sesson, and this
    stuff is great. New Year, new journey, indeed. I'll be spending a lot of time there. Of course, I
    always did like Inger Stevens in The Farmer's
    Daughter, and Gunilla Knutson's "take it off, take
    it all off" commercial was a revelation.

    Can recommend-

    The Jan. 29, 2010 video -
    But Hey Even Though Your Horses Went Away
    by Anna Froderberg

    The Jan. 22, 2010 video-
    Now I Feel
    by The Most

    Almost forgot the Swedish Chef...

  2. Append to the above -

    Orange is Green
    by mono stereo

    Tand Eld Pa Dig Sjalv
    by Synfoniorkestern