Friday, December 18, 2009

BELGIUM || Herman Vandecauter || Learn the Fretboard


I am not sure why Herman found this pattern helpful. I suppose on the standard re-entrant tuning we are using the low C as our lowest note in the scale. So he starts with the C to get the most range and therefore we start with the 3rd string, followed by the 2nd and then the 1st. The notes on the 4th string are the same as the 1st string but two frets UP towards the sound hole.

G-------sol----7------3-----10----(12 or 0)

Herman is definitely a classically trained musician. Here's some beautiful music and graceful hands. Thank you Herman for a little lesson. HU

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  1. I suppose there's some sort of relationship between the notes on any two strings (6 frets up, 9 frets down, 3.5 frets inside out and backwards), but trying
    to learn and remember them all can lead to the Screaming Heebie Jeebies and to accosting strangers on the street pleading, "Third string eighth fret, third string eighth fret!" so I stopped trying ages ago (got tired of being slapped and saying, "Thanks, I needed that."). If you really, really need to know certain notes on the fretboard, you'll learn them. You just will. Of course, this raises the issue of which notes you really need to learn, and for most people just a few will usually suffice, and even the semi-serious can get by with just the first five frets worth.