Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UKULELE SODOKU || www.ukulelehunt.com

French Polynesia
If you want a regular dose of tablature to tease your fingers with (and practice counting out notes in measures, like me) then I recommend being on Alistair Wood's e-mail list. He regularly posts rock guitar riff's as part of his daily posting repetoire. Since I mix in a dash of work betwixt my ukulele playing I think of it as work for the brain - a bit of Ukulele Sodoku!
Remember, I am just a humble uker and I can't blast thru these songs as quickly as Al does, But some of the melodies are quite interesting even if slowed down. Al is a first class, top shelf blogger/musician and puts an mp3 of each song with the post. As I write this, I think of course y'all know Ukulele Hunt by now -- but perhaps there's one person still out there.
As a kid I was a philatelist, oh no! - and still love those miniature masterpieces! HU

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and the support, Jeff. There are still plenty of ukers out there who have no idea about my site, so it's very much appreciated.