Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HEIN OVERBEEK || Simply Ukulele from the Netherlands

Hein Overbeek plays ukulele accompanied by a vintage Jelly Roll Morton tune. Hein has quite a a collection of vintage tunes he plays in that beautiful old-time ukulele style on a sweet Martin ukulele. I think I see a traditonal Swedish "tomte gubbe" standing in the foreground. Click on the title above to link directly to the Hein's YouTube page for more songs of this era...

Here's a little ukulele and saxophone. Reminds me a bit of Andy Andrews wailing away.

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  1. The bass saxophone is pretty good sized. However, the Eb contrabass sax would straighten-out to 17', & the Bb subcontrabass sax would unwind to 23'. The sopranino, on the other hand, is 7" in length. Very interesting photos at Jay C. Easton/The Bb Subcontrabass Saxophone Page.

    The bass sax was used for recording in the 1920's
    as it was easier to record than either the tuba or double bass. These days in jazz or popular music bands it's been pretty much replaced by the double bass or electric bass.