Thursday, September 3, 2009


Check out these ukes from Minne-so-ta

I have been communicating with Raimund S., known as Uketeufel, on the German Ukulele Club for a few years now. Click the title above to go directly to GUC main page. I have found that page a bit difficult to decipher even when I click the English language tab and I'm hoping that it's just a missing cookie on my computer. Uketeufel is a moderator of the site and we used to communicate quite regularly via e-mail. I also sent him a Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz calendar a couple of years back.
Well, as you know, I am fairly naturally chatty person, seems a blog is a good place for a person with my shy disposition, and I would bore all of my ukulele-playing-friends and some other friends too with the latest YT videos of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain or Bosko & Honey's sappiest duets via e-mail. He created a separate section on their site just for my pre-HumbleUker Rambling ramblings. You can see some of that early stuff here.
I have also been in the chat room and always find a person or two that's willing to communicate in English. Their site is quite meticulously organized and well worth checking out. HU

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  1. Hi, I like your blog, lots of good music and tab links. Jeff