Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Tonight I was feeling a bit of melancholy and decided to take a look at some of my favorite YT peoples. First I went to WS64 - wow what a talent. If you haven't seen him then you haven't been looking hard enough. Then I went to the dynamic duo of ukulele, Bosko & Honey of course, and came across them playing with The Uke Box: Shelley & Marko.
I like this video in so many ways. Shelly has quite a delicious voice, yes delicious. Marko plays a very simple plastic homemade bass and it has a great sound. Honey is always her cute sweet self and she's playing a Berkeley uke maker Michael DaSilva handmade Lotus Tenor. Bosko is, as always, the gentleman performer.

IF I DIDN'T CARE (Shelly, Marko,Bosko & Honey)

Shelly describes her new creation, in great and loving detail. And then she sings again...


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