Thursday, August 27, 2009

CZECH UKE-BANJO (Use Google Translator)

Vintage Harmonica Band Photo (not Czech, unknown origin)
I stumbled into another interested blog. This one in written in Czech but can easily be translated with google's translator. So far, I think it's worth some inspection. After talking to Steven Strauss last night I decided I had better listen to some Bossa Nova strumming and get the GOOD KNOWLEDGE from the experts on YT. I came across this extremely short video which led me to the Czech blog: HU

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  1. Well, I certainly hope the google Czech translation is better than the inexcusably awful French translation for the King David Ukulele Station. The rendering into English would be hilarious, if it were understandable enough for you to laugh at. Anyone who's tried to fight his or her way through this muck knows that it would be much faster & easier to just learn French & then read the blog in the original.