Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey it's finally time to start posting videos from our performance at Coleen and Jim Goff's Garden Song Ukulele Band Day -- August 15, 2009. For those first reading about the Uklectics here's how we came about. Rhan Wilson put out hand-out, at a Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz meeting, for a 10 week class to improve musical ability and learn how to work and communicate with others. We met at Rhan's house in Santa Cruz - it's old and has a real music parlour - full of so many instruments. Within the first two meetings we felt like old friends and really supported, enjoyed and challenged each other.
So these videos were taken by Chuck and are a culmination of our Tuesday Night meetings for 10 weeks at Rhan's house and about 7 extra weeks of getting together in garages at Chucks, Pete's and Butchy-Bob's house. I am really proud of how well we performed at this show. I enjoy hangin' out with every person in this band - we all add something creative. Something that was really special was that we all shared in the spotlight. This was a test of how much we had learned.
The stage is set up from left to right, Jeff (a.k.a. El Jeffe' or HU), Sheila, Judy (in her blue hat), Robbie, Jay, Chuck, Bob, and Pete (behind Bob). Jeff, Sheila, Robbie, Chuck and Bob strummed ukuleles throughout. I am putting these songs in the order that we performed them...
1) Kansas City Blues (Robbie vocals, Judy bass, Jay lead guitar, band back-up vocals)

2) Stray Cat Strut (Jeff with Robbie&Sheila vocals, Jay guitar instrumentals)

3) Folsom Prison Blues (Sheila with Robbie vocals, Judy electric ukulele instrumentals)

4) Are You Lonesome Tonight (Jay vocals, guitar / Chuck talking)

5) Hanalei Moon (Butchy-Bob and Chuck Vocals, Judy ukulele instrumentals)

6) Garota de Ipanema (Jeff) and The Girl from Ipanema (Sheila & Jeff) and Judy on the ukulele instrumental (No Video Available)

7) Tell Everybody I Know (Robbie & Jay vocals) (No Video Available)

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