Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's a video from "Pete the Percussionist" of our Tuesday Night Band / Uklectics...

(It starts off quite quietly)

The Bob's

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  1. Like pretty much everything else, today's A Cappella (Ac) is not (as they say) your father's Ac. Into my teen years, Ac always seemed too thin for me (where were the instruments, for crying out loud?),& of course, it couldn't compete with The Beatles, etal, throughout the '60s. If I'd been a bit older, I suppose the big-city street-corner doo-wop Ac groups might have meant something to me.

    It might have been the Manhattan Transfer with Boy From New York City that opened eyes to the genre & shook-up preconceptions that really needed a good shaking-up. Ac has really taken off since then.

    African Rain Storm is a wonder. Cream post Disraeli Gears is a huge letdown for me, but The Bobs show that no-hand can be every bit as effective as slow-hand (Clapton is god! Not since the '60s).