Friday, July 24, 2009



I have never had the pleasure of meeting Del Rey but everyone that I know that has taken one of her classes has raved about her. I am finding myself getting attracted to the blues, for their simplicity and for their complexity. She's has a wikipedia page devoted to her as a Jazz and Blues musician,

You can find her DVD several places, including Elderly Music...


  1. Way too early in my uke life (still less than one year-old) I had a run at Blue Uke. Of course, I didn't get anywhere in it, wasn't nearly ready for it. Exact same experience with Lyle Lite, by Lyle Ritz.

    In those heady early days you run across something/someone new every other day, & anything seems possible if you just stick with it for a week or two. We learn otherwise.

    But that's how it goes when you spread yourself too thin, & not just when you start playing. I find putting more time into fewer areas much more effective for me, than dabbling a bit in every new technique or style that happens to catch my fancy.

    Every genre & playing style/technique deserves respect & the application of the necessary time & effort, & bouncing around from one to another aimlessly will get you nowhere at all.

  2. The ukulele world of knowledge and players seems to be growing exponentially. I have found that growth comes very slowly to me. I just did a repeat of the Bob Brozman workshop. He gives a lot of good practical information - now I need 10 years for it to seep in an develop.