Saturday, July 25, 2009

JOHN PROWN | Ukulele Land

John sent me some links to his YouTube page (click title above) as he has just posted some new ukulele posts. As you see above he was part of the Bosko & Honey U.S.A. Ukulele Safari.

I have had the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown's Christmas Album in my collection for many years. John creates a medley of these tunes.

John's version of the Eagle's Desperado shows off some really awesome skills, this is really some of the best ukulele improvisation that I've heard...

There are several more fine compositions on...

And there are several other people that have posted there music on this page... (Aldrine Guerrero, Ken Middleton, Bengt Nordfors (Swedish), Wilfred Welti (Classical), WS64, Ukulele Bartt, Dominator, and about 65 others.

As I dig further, I see a person that I've met on a few occassions: music store, ukulele festival, and Bob Brozman's recent ukulele class. His name is John Kleinjans. I have heard his creations of Beatles songs and been impressed with his skills. Here he has posted "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Here's Comes the Sun", Here There and Everywhere"

And I now have another link for songs,

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