Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I like the sweet sound of these talented, young and sexy musicians. They have some creative videos on YouTube that combine their music with interesting sets, images, and tasteful but minimal clothing. C'est la vie, qui, I am a man.

Besides the uke, I have always loved to travel by bicycle. They made a trek across the USA via bicycle. I'm impressed.

The 2 videos below have some small ukulele sequences in them. I have one of their CD's, the Ditty Bops. Which is a great little production and includes an old-time favorite, "I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate".

I have a beat up sheet music of the song. The words and music are by A.J. Piron. Alistair Wood just posted the chords for the song on http://www.ukulelehunt.com/, you can click here to get the song directly...
Besides his Ukulele Hunt and his How to Play Ukulele books he has also started a blog as another way to follow up on the loose ends of his many contacts, conversations, and e-mails of all things ukulele, http://ukuleleonline.com/ , so that now everyone can read them.

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