Saturday, December 1, 2012

Colin B. Tribe || The Musical Ukulele & Albatross & Songs with Grandad's Uke

Colin has been arranging First Class music for the ukulele for several years now. His videos show off his knowledge and skill. I had the privilege of having him visit me at my home in Northern California when he and his wife took a vacation all over the U.S. 

He wowed my friends and I with his skills. He is not overly showy, I think he's humble, but if you have ever watched his videos you know he has superior skills. He's a music professor, teaching graded music programs in the U.K.

Now he has a site, The Musical Ukulele, and I want to let you know about it, you should know more about Colin. He offers his arrangements for free for the asking but he will sell you a lesson on how to play his terrific arrangements. Each of these lessons comes with a scholarly breakdown that to his great credit is also easily readible. Colin knows and appreciates music quite intimately.

Also check out his book, Songs with Grandad's Uke.

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