Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wilfried Welti || Christmas Tabs for Ukulele

Wilfred has been sharing tabs on the internet for some time. He's been working hard to create new e-books. Information about purchasing his Christmas books is available at Ukulele-Arts. Here are a few examples...

We Three Kings

Wilfred writes...
During the last month I arranged many wonderful christmas carols and pieces. So I intend to put this arrangement as final piece into my upcoming christmas e-book. It will contain 20 arrangements. Most of them are new, just for "Silent Night" I will use my old arrangement which is really nice and easy to play. Most pieces in this e-book will be really easy, the difficulty level is much lower as in my previous e-books. This will be the final piece because it's the most demanding of them. I want to thank all my supporters! :-) However I am still unsure if the pricing of my recent e-books was okay. So I'd be happy about feedback and suggestions :-) Sorry for the cuts. All kinds of things went wrong during this recording, hardware and software failures as well as other distractions. At the end I decided to try to paste together the remnants anyway. Since it sounds a lot better as I feared, I decided to upload it anyway. You can find my older e-books here: I wish you all the best and a great time playing the ukulele! Wilfried
Finally he recorded a more challenging arrangement of this wonderful piece, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

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