Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UOotWH || crEEp


  1. I get confused easily, Mr. Humble Uker. This isn't TUOWH, The Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hamptons, is it? Or UOWH, the Ukulele Orchestra of Wisteria Hamsters? I hear they run rings around their competition.

    I still confuse UOGB with TUOGBB, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great British Bangers. Then there's TUOUCT, The Ukulele Orchestra of Upper Class Twits. Now this latter group, as I understand it, is composed exclusively of members of the LUE, the London Ukulele Establishment on a rotating basis.

    How are we supposed to keep track anymore?

    Confused in Caledonia

  2. Mr. Anon - You're going to get me in trouble with comments like that! Let's carry this a bit further: Ukulele Ike, Ukulele Mike, Ukulele Bartt, Ukulele Jim, Cool Hand Uke, Ukulele Gal, Ukulele Pete,...

    There's a small group in Santa Cruz with a wonderful name... "The Broken G-Strings"

  3. Well, you know, Mr. HU, there's a Ukulele Orchestra of Great Bitton, too. And I've seen a typo version as the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Button.

    The Broken G-Strings get a nice photo and a good-sized write-up in the book, Ukulele: The World's Friendliest Instrument, while the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain get five sentences.

    Now, this very much meets with my approval, but I've seen disappointment with this allocation of space in a ukulele forum. Tsk, tsk, tsk, and a great big pish tosh, I say.

    And hey, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Button get nary a mention at all and do their fans whine?

    Still Confused in Catalonia