Monday, May 16, 2011

AJ Leonard & David Billings || The Entertainer

In honor of A.J. Leonard coming to the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz to perform I thought a video or two would be inspirational...

And here he has a "If I Had You" duet with Yoga Jenny

I am particularly interested in meeting A.J. and shaking his hand. A.J. is from Australia and a friend of my e-and-uke-friend Terry C. Those whom have read much of Humble Uker will recall that Terry C. has periodically provided articles of interest for Martin ukulele and Cliff Edwards fans. Terry has also provided numerous video slide-show compilations put to the music of Ukulele Ike and has a great YouTube channel called "Bearetube." Terry and I got to know each other from eBay back when it was possible to communicate with other bidders -- we decided to share our finds rather than compete with each other.


  1. People can read up on the Australian ukulele scene in Kamuke Magazine, Jeff.

  2. A.J. (Tony) and Jenny are a wonderful Aussie duo. This song is a particular favourite of mine. Thanks Jeff!