Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wendy & Jeff's || Mother's Day Glass Flowers

Anyone that knows my wife Wendy knows that she's an extraordinary crafter and home artist. She has brought beauty and creativity to our home in so many ways. I wanted to share this latest project that Wendy and I did together while doing one of our other favorite pastimes...

... and that has been Flea Marketing. We enjoy getting out early on Saturday mornings for some hot breakfast skillet burritos and mocha frappe latte'. It's a good time to get some fresh air and search for treasures. We have been searching for interesting colorful glass at reasonable prices as well as tin or metal serving plates.
I also alway have my radar up for my musical interests. Yesterday, while hanging out with Loren and Liz at their Flea Market booth I heard someone playing Clave Sticks. I went over to explore and bought the sticks and a guiro (a South American percussion instrument shaped like a giant yam that has ripples in the wood much like an old style washboard.) Loren plays awesome guitar in between his sales of signs made from License Plates and Used Skate Boards.
Candelholders make great center pieces for the flowers. This one also had a blue glass dip dish with petals and a fancy gold plate on the back. One of these is for our daughter Ashley on her first Mother's Day, my mother Solveig Lindroos up in Sun City Lincoln Hills, Ca and the other is for Grandma Midge West in Martinez, CA.
The center-piece in the glass flower above was an odd gold dish with two upright pieces that made an interesting handle. The "flower" below has a small blue vase around a candle holder. Then a green & blue center dish over a gold plate and a metal serving dish.
The last two months we sold some of Wendy's ceramics at the De Anza College Flea Market. So after we set up her displays and ceramics I have time to sit and strum my ukulele under the shade of our canopy cover. I had a few people try to buy my uke -- it was an $8 find from a previous flea market. (It was missing a tuner and I was given a used one from a friend at the Allegro music store in Fremont. I put new strings on it and it is fine for sunny days outside.)

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