Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TGS Ukulele Orchestra || Lady Gaga Tribute

Gotta love this energy, Lady Gaga Mash-up, arranged by TGSUO, as performed on 7th April 2011. 35 ukuleles, 2 guitars, bass and percussion.


  1. Thanks for this, Jeff, HU is the best.
    And speaking of the best, these young
    people are just that. And they put on
    quite a show, don't they?

  2. Yes they do I think they are totally amazing!!that might be because I am one of them :)

    not only are they all fab at the ukulele, but almost all of them play other instruments all to serious high standards!!

    Also they are the most lovely and quirky poeple I have ever met, and I love them all :) James the leader, is totally amazing- he is soo talented and soo lovely and funny :) !!

    Feeling the uku-love... A Fan xxx

  3. Thanks for featuring us on your blog, I'm glad you enjoyed our performance as much as we did. :)