Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have U Ever Been Punked? || Virtual Ukulele Tours

Ever had an enlarged photo of your face glued to a tongue depresser? Then your head is passed around for photos in a Tropical Paradise? Would you wonder what mind conceived of such an elaborate idea? There were about 25 photos like these above: stewardesses, porn-magazine readers, people on planes, people selling ukuleles -- so much fun. I feel like I missed a great party. Here I am relaxing by the pool in my festival T-Shirt...

Some sneaky, sneaky person has slipped by my radar and provided me with a very unique gift. I have had this gift for over a month and waiting for 'sneaky' to reveal him or herself. But no one has given me a single clue. So what I received in the U.S. mail was a thick padded shipping envelope with a Blue Hawaiian Ukulele Festival T-Shirt, a festival flier, and a disk marked Virtual Ukulele Tours.

Here I am locked away in a special Hawaiian paradise. I must be some dear friend that would like to see me locked up permanently...

Here's what I almost virtually saw, one of my favorites, Herb Ohta (Ohtasan). There was some actual video footage of the concert on some short video clips when all of a sudden my face goes walking by like a Jim Henson's muppet walking behind a wall.

I wish I had been able to see Herb in person.

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  1. You know, of course, Jeff, that the upper left photo
    is Danny Kaleikini, Hawaii's Ambassador of Aloha, I hope. Long-time Island entertainer, you've been honored, HU.