Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wrestler meets Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim has always been an easy target. When we are young we think this guy is really wacky. But he was never boring, he loved his music, and he was undeniably true to himself. The older I get the more I appreciate those that live a peaceful and colorful life. You know when this starts that BAAAAD things are going to happen.


  1. Yep, as soon as Tiny calls Jerry Lawlor the "Dairy Queen," Jeff, nasty, nasty, things were bound to happen. I had visions of Tiny being bodyslammed, of a chair being smashed over his head, but what unfolded was infinitely worse - Tiny's cherished
    uke smashed to smithereens.

  2. That was nuts...staged...another some folks probably entertaining...anyway...I'm with you in appreciating people who live peaceful, colorful lives and are true to themselves. I'd like to catch his radio show.