Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Robin Luke || Susie Darlin' 1958

"May 1958, in the bedroom in a downtown apartment, Punahou senior Robin Luke recorded "Susie Darlin'," backing up his own vocals with guitar and ukulele while someone else provided percussion using a cardboard LP cover, two pens and a stick. The song became a national Top 10 hit. A few years later, Luke simply disappeared from the charts, leaving a generation of radio listeners wondering what happened to him." (Read more in the YouTube comments)


  1. In May of 1958 when Luke recorded "Susie Darlin'" on Oahu, Jeff, I was living on the island, myself, and wasn't too much older than his sister Susie. He, of course, was one of the big kids in high school. Takes me back. Very nice ukulele history lesson, HU.

  2. Percussion sounded innovative:) loved it.