Friday, June 4, 2010

Uketeufel || Conversation to Marina || Germany

Raimund, a.k.a. Uketeufel, has been an international uke friend of mine for a few years. Before I decided to share on this blog I used to e-mail out whatever I found in the uke world to a short list of friends. It has been a long time now and I forget the original circumstance of our meeting. Raimund is active with the German Ukulele Club. There was a section called news from Jnoteast in their bulletin board.

I liked this video because it is in an office setting but it also has ukuleles hanging on the walls. There are several other videos that show off a full-sized Sponge Bob playing the Ukulele poster. I had bought a large box of sheet music from 1890 to about 1950 from the Ohlone College Flea Market in Fremont, CA. And it the bottom of the box I found an old letter.
The letter was so old that it predated stamps. It originally had a wax seal but I found it flat between two pieces of thick plastic trying to preserve the letter. I could tell the writing was German and inquired if Raimund could help me. He was glad too. I scanned the letter and sent it to him.
Turns out the writing was in old German and a bit scribbly at times... but it was written in the middle of the Franco-Prussian war by a German Soldier. Raimund posted the letter on the German Ukulele Club bulletin board and requested help with the translation. (MORE TO FOLLOW...)

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