Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bluegrass / Folk Visual Tutorials

There's a few more videos like this at his Many Things website...

But here's the real treasure chest... his FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS BLOG... which has:
One Man Bands, Jug Bands, Non-Standard Instruments. Just some fun stuff.


  1. I'm on my lunch half hour. I will definitely look at these this weekend. I loved yesterday's posts. During lunch I listened to a lot of Cliff Edward songs on utube. I did not even know who he was. LOVE him. Know him even though I didn't know I did...Jimminee Cricket:) Old movies....I watched that sad video about no one in his town even knowing who he was. Mark Twain is from the same town many things named after him of course. Then to hear of his alcohol and drug addiction and no one claimed his body for several days...very sad. I LOVE his songs, voice and uke playing. I am now a big fan. Thanks for all this information. It is such a treat:) Jeanne

  2. Jeanne in the lower right blue sidebar there's a MUSIC section and you'll find "Ukulele Ike (Red Hot Jazz)." Check it out and you'll be able to hear many more songs. Cliff Edwards was an amazing talent. We love his music and singing. He was a man that lived in hard drinking times and he was a prolific actor -- he was in Gone with the Wind, My Girl Friday, Buster Keaton films, Westerns, etc... HU