Thursday, April 22, 2010

Todd -- "It makes my teeth itch"

Bargain Baritone information. "It makes my teeth itch." Gotta love Doogey9!

Old Paint


  1. Thanks Todd, I've been debating the purchase of a Baritone. It's between a tenor tuned low G and a baritone but I like to play something with a little more bottom. I owned a Makala tenor for a while and liked it quite well. For the price it was incredible. I have to tell this story though. I sold it to a friend who did not give it proper love. It was exposed to moisture and it came apart. The bridge pulled off the top and and the bottom separated a little on the sides. I can hardly blame Makala for this but I suspect that even under reasonably normal use it would only have lasted a few years. Again, for the money, a good instrument, just don't think you're making a lifetime investment.

  2. Well Jon, I am not Todd. I am just a TB admirer. See Todd on YT as Doogey9 or Brother Sonny.