Thursday, April 22, 2010

Russ Buss Provocative Video on UCB

HU isn't edgy like the UCB, and there is a recent post there that is definitely a mature topic. The music and singing is quite good. The props are quite stunning. The male / female dichotomy, or the way a woman may feel about sexuality in our culture is explicitly expressed. Does this video promote sensitivity or is the imagery getting in the way? Can we consider the words? Can we laugh? Can we feel?

1 comment:

  1. There's edgy and there's vulgar, Jeff. HU is
    not any less edgy (in a good way) than UCB, the war video that you posted being
    a perfect example of this.

    I do react very negatively to this sort of smug, superior PC male
    bashing. If these females are sleeping with such
    huge numbers of insensitive male louts that they feel the need to go public with their whining complaints, then perhaps some introspection and
    self-analysis are in order. And the accoutrement designed to grab attention is just plain silly.