Saturday, April 17, 2010

Howard Rugg Dulcimer History, A Vintage Ukulele Story, Ukulele Repairs, Ukulele Dick

POB, Inc. has been plastering me with so many ukulele related YT videos lately. I have skipped over any that were displaying the capricious destruction of any defenseless ukes and have spared you from the swedish songs for a brief period.

This video is very appealing to me because of it's luthierial and historical aspects. This luthier, Howard Rugg, shares many photo of his start with CapriTaurus dulcimers and several other iterations of dulcimer companies. And then he talks about a vintage Hawaiian koa soprano uke that was brought to him for repairs. It is amazing how much can be done to restore instruments and keep them living.

Another highlight of this video is the appearance of Ukulele Dick (about 5:25 mark) playing the Jose Do Espirito Santo. I just wrote about UD a couple of posts ago. He is an intellectually creative and talented ukulele player who has the best vaudevillian talents. His strumming techniques always keep me at the edge of my seat trying to learn more. He is a master musican and equally disposed to playing Beatles or Elvis to entertain.

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