Sunday, April 11, 2010

GUGUG || Low Rider

Yes, I know Alistair Wood of industrious Ukulele Hunt site posted this video of GUGUG playing Low Rider. It is a song that I wanted to do but haven't been able to pull off. My buddy Rhan Wilson's ROMP band did a rendition on the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz album produced by Sandor. Since it was on the uke club album they sang, "All my friends know the u-ku-le-le..."

But I posted this here, piggy-backing on Al's find because I like the fact that Gus took us on a bike tour of Glascow. The street scenery was mostly traffic but I like the way he mixed in videos of himself playing with his bicycle ride. Nipper has another trail bike ride on his "Bicycles and Ukuleles" blog of his doing a ride thru an English country village that has some spectacular views too.

Nipper's North Curry ride, (so good, here's a rerun!)

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