Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have a Balalaika that I removed the metal strings from and put on worth medium brown strings. I have tuned it C-E-A to make it easier for me to play and now call it a Ba-la-uke-a. Lil' Rev. put together the arrangements for the Hal Leonard book Easy Songs for the Ukulele. The songs have ukulele chord diagrams, music notation and tablature. The tablature for many songs are on the high 3 strings: C-E-A so I can play around with All My Loving, I Walk the Line, Yesterday... and several others.


  1. Of course, but can you play Comrade, Can You Spare A Ruble? Or, Back in the USSR? Or, Fools Russian Where Angels Fear To Tread?

  2. You should learn the Volga Boat Song, I
    don't think I've ever heard anyone do it
    on uke. I've certainly never heard anyone do it
    on ba-la-uke-a. And how about a ba-la-uke-a