Sunday, March 7, 2010

AZURAMS || Languages...

This really shows the romantic sound of French and compared to English. I wonder does English sound romantic to the French... I suppose not. (BTW, I don't know what he's saying to the president)

Mr.POB has been quite the taskmaster lately. You've found great stuff.

[To see the Azurams YT channel, click the blog entry title above]


  1. I sent the link to Monsieur le President to
    Armelle, Jeff, and asked her what he was saying.
    Generic politics along the lines that the President
    should speak for himself only, and not presume to
    speak for all the people of France when he makes
    pronouncements. Such stuff. She had planned to
    post the video next week anyway.

    If English sounded romantic to the French, they'd
    abandon French and adopt it. Can you imagine Serge Gainsbourg singing to Jane Birkin in English? No chance for a romance.

    A favorite French video of mine is -

    Thomas fersen croque
    from: OttoHeckel

    There are two with this same labeling, and the
    one you want is the live performance timing out at
    4:19. Much fun, this one is for you, Armelle.

  2. @Jeff : Funny to read how French is perceived abroad...
    Never realised French could sound romantic. :)
    Anyhow, the song Monsieur le Président covered by azuram is definitely not romantic as it is a protest song. But it's definitely great, I've posted it too on U&L yesterday.
    I personally love the English language, its rhythm, fluidity and the countless possibilities it offers in terms of creating new words with pre- and suffixes.

    @Ron : Thanks for the mention and for the dedication of the Thomas Fersen video.
    I actually have the album the song is taken from. If you like Thomas Fersen, you could check this post (scroll down to in the post and look for the player and you'll get to hear many ukulele songs from Thomas Fersen).

  3. Discovered Thomas Fersen on the CD, Putumayo Paris,
    which included the song, Croque, Armelle. The
    book store where I used to work sold music, and
    Putomayo Paris became one our big sellers. Much
    recommened, by the way, as is the entire Putumayo
    world music line.