Monday, February 15, 2010

Wendy's Uke Painting || Shelley Rickey's Art Ukes

I was looking at Shelley Rickeys's Art Ukes and I thought about the old Harmony ukulele that I sanded and painted black. Wendy had done some beautiful flowers on her Ceramic works and I asked her to paint my uke -- it was spectacular! I shamefully sold it on eBay and should have it hanging on my wall! Has anybody seen it?

Wendy West at play.

The Flower

Kala red strings and a bee to blame the buzzing on!


  1. Oh wow, what a sweet uke. I LOVE it!
    Beautiful work, Wendy!

  2. Nothing wrong with buzz, think of it as built in
    fuzz tone. Think of Jeff Beck having a rave-up with
    the Yardbirds. Try to think of Satisfaction withOUT
    fuzzzbuzzz. Do you think any of the old blues players would have had a missy-hissy-fit over some buzz on their
    instruments? Hell no, they'd have banged away even
    harder to get even more.

    Buzz is character; really, all of this moaning over buzz reminds me of guitar players freaking over string noise, or
    classical listeners having a cow over the noises
    pianists make while humming along with their playing. Buzz is keeping it real. Embrace the buzz, shove it down the throats of those who run whimpering away from a little noise. Make it your style, Jeff - be king of buzz uke!