Monday, February 15, 2010

CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS || (no ukes, jus' great music!)

Humble Uker, what's this? Yeah, I PLAY the ukulele but I like to also explore as much music as possible too. Heard about this group, the Carolina Chocolate Drops on the radio. They have some unique stuff going on, check out some of the picking going on. Perhaps you might try it on your uke.

I know, am not very good at staying on topic, just another example of imperfection. I think these (3) videos are energetic, fun and a taste of America -- Black America -- a soulful sound -- a great sound. My bloggin brutha' Brother Sonny will like this -- he's also got that old-style soulful music on loan from the Almighty.

Performing in France

Carolina Chocolate Drops small documentary

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  1. They've actually played here in Napa twice, most recently just this past November, and sad, little
    fool that I can be, I passed. They'd fit right
    into the annual Pickathon (indie-roots music) Festival in Oregon.