Sunday, February 14, 2010

SUGARTIME || The McGuire Sisters & Perry Como

I was going through a box of old sheet music that I bought at the flea market a month ago. Came across this song and wanted to hear it. Here's a good song for VALENTINE's DAY. [It was disabled for embedding of the video, so click the the blog title to see.]


  1. Real TV... I remember liking this song when I
    was a youngster. And Perry's little joke of breaking the gold record isn't so far off. In his autobiograpy, Eric Burdon mentions that the gold
    record the Animals received for House of the Rising Sun was simply cardboard painted gold.

    He claims also in the book to be the Eggman. Claims he told John Lennon about a little sexual escapade he and his girlfriend engaged in over breakfast (not detailed in the book) and JL put the Eggman reference into I Am the Walrus.