Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beautiful Music || Faun (No Ukes)

PotofBasil mentioned Faun in a comment to a recent post. As the ukulele explosion has gone viral - I have enjoyed all aspects of the instrument and the many ways that one my play it. There are many recent popular songs, songs from the vaudeville era, rag-time uke, bluegrass, electric uke, rock uke, etc... As well as strummed, picked and playing chord melodies. But this song reminds me of another wave of appreciation too. Classical and medieval music arrangements on the ukulele are becoming more and more popular.

Many thanks to: John King, Herman Vandecauter, Wilfred Welti, Colin R. Tribe, Valery Sauvage, Jamie Holding, and R.Ruthen for sharing their music and arrangements with the ukulele community.

I also would like to mention Michael Parmenter and his medieval uke designs as well as some arrangements.

Here's Faun...

[As usual, click the blog entry title to see Faun' YT page]


  1. Si doux et beau - so soft and beautiful. Merci, for
    posting this Jeff, you're way too good to me when I
    flood you with my latest discoveries or long time loves.

    This video was my introduction to Faun and it is the one best way to meet them, I think. It's just one side of their music, as they also have a plugged-in
    group persona that rocks their sound, but still, people who wouldn't like that side of them can still enjoy this magic.

    By the way, Jeff, band member Oliver is selling a moraharpa made by famous Scandinavian instrument maker Leif Eriksson on their website ( forum, so drop by and pick up a bargain.

    The new name comes from Keat's poem, Isabella or the Pot of Basil, a lengthy melodrama that I recommend, though not on Feb. 14, as the lovers do not live happily ever after...RH

  2. Just got the Faun CD, Renaissance. Highly recommended for the musically adventurous (who
    more so than ukers). And as special bonus treat, each song has a good
    beat and you can dance to it, Dick.

  3. One thing leads to another to another...

    Faun brought the hurdy-gurdy to my attention
    and it's become one of my new favorite instruments. The
    one that Lisa Pawelke plays in this video is just
    one of many different styles, shapes, sizes, sounds,
    floating around the hurdy world.

    Hurdy videos abound ala uke videos with amateurs
    playing for fun and amusement, and the experts
    showing what the instrument really can do.
    Anyone enjoying Faun's video might attempt this one
    as a further step into the world of this truly moving music maker. This performance is akin to James and
    Jake playing together -

    OTW Hurdy-gurdy concert by Bouffard & Chabernat
    from: hurdygurdy2000

    Not for everyone, but if it's for you, you're fortunate, so enjoy.

  4. Faun fans will love this Swedish
    nyckelharpa/hurdy gurdy duet, as the band
    features both in performances and recordings -

    duo gilles chabenat didier francois
    from: didiernyckelharpa

  5. Other bands like Faun, that people might investigate-

    Corvus Corax