Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aly the UkeTreeHugger || Covers

Sometimes I do a little YT surfing and find a another ukulele lady with a sweet voice and Aly's definitely a GIGAPUS. She states that she admires one of my favorite ukuladies, ukulelezo. UTH defines GIGAPUS to be Girls in Glasses and Playing Ukulele Society. She has a unique sound and a nice soft ukulele backing. I don't know if she's been seen on any other blogs but I'm sure this sweet voice is going to be heard. Thanks Aly, HU [Click to blog title to go to her YouTube page.]


  1. She does just have a lovely voice indeed and she's a sweetheart of a lady...very kind...

    good work Jeff :)

    you rock!

  2. Love UkeTreeHugger's stuff! She's great!

    GIGAPUS rocks! (I too am a member of this prestigious club!)

  3. Other members:
    Erika Helvetica
    Karla Kane (Corner Laughers)

    Jeff, your ukes in movies project was so
    successful and you've got the cyberspace infrastructure intact, so you're defnitely up to compiling a
    GIGAPUS directory. Time to get cracking.

  4. How could I forget Honey?