Sunday, January 17, 2010


EcoDougie said, "Hey, isn't that the slide guitar lady from UCSC?" (Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz)Yes, it's Patti Maxine playing in the Island Breeze Band. There are certain players an instruments that bring a richness of experience that makes a band fully blossom. She is such an amazing artist and singer. Her version of Jambalaya with the group ROMP is my favorite, see the bottom of my old post for the mp3 link...

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  1. Love the steel guitar played well. Interesting
    timing here as just the other day I was reading about the steel guitar in COUNTRY: The Twisted Roots of Rock 'n' Roll, by Nick Tosches. A few lines -

    "Bob Dunn was the lord of the steel guitar. In the 1930s, he wrought a music full of electric wonders. Great yelling dissonances burst from his bastard tool like glass against a stone wall. Three years before Django Reinhardt made his first records, Dunn had a style as subtle and involved as Reinhardt's would be, but Dunn had a daring, febrile energy that neither Reinhardt nor the effete jazzbos who came in his wake could comprehend."

    Love that expression, "effete jazzbos." Better lay off those cocktail chords, people.